After getting engaged or married, most people are rarely seen without their rings. A diamond is forever – forever nestled on your left ring finger. Your ring becomes a part of you and it can be easy to forget to maintain. Inevitably, this symbol of eternal union is bound to succumb to the daily wear and tear of regular life. This is why everyone could benefit from a professional jewelry cleaning.
From working, cooking, cleaning, exercising, and everything else you use your hands for – your engagement and wedding rings go through quite a lot on a daily basis.
Soaps, lotions, body oils, and everyday bacteria clog the prongs of your ring and make your gems appear grimy. Not to mention, it is highly unhygienic.

This is why it is so important to get your rings cleaned by trained professionals regularly.

Lucky for you, DK Gems provides jewelry cleanings for all our valued customers!
We also check to make sure that the prongs have not been bent or weakened. Having your rings cleaned and prongs checked will help prevent a loose setting.

Many people have had the misfortune of losing their jewelry while swimming – this is because of a physical reaction called shrinkage.
When our bodies undergo temperature changes, we naturally contract and shrink.
So it is a good idea to remove your prized possessions while washing dishes, working out, showering, swimming, and cooking.
To help decrease tarnishing and lengthen the sparkle, taking off your jewels while applying lotions and perfume is also a safe bet.
A detailed polishing can make your jewelry look like brand new.
The last thing you’d ever want is to see your finest jewelry begin to fade and look dirty or imperfect.
Like you do with marriage, you must take good care and maintain your token of forever love!
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